A list of some of my open source projects

  • port-reserve
    A Java TCP port reservation library; useful for 'guaranteeing' in-process port reservations when attempting to spin up many TCP server sockets in parallel (such as during testing)
  • rrd-generics-inspector
    A Java library for determining parameterized method return types at runtime through call stack inspection
  • rrd-static-extender
    A Java library that allows users to extend static methods using an annotation.
  • rrd-attach-util
    Java utilities for instrumenting running JVMs - JVM agents without the startup params.
  • rrd-hadoop-win32
    32 bit window binaries for Hadoop 3.X - allows running Hadoop on Windows machines.
  • rrd-hadoop-local-client
    Hadoop 3.X LocalClient service for running local-machine Map Reduce jobs with multiple reducers
  • rrd-hadoop-maven
    Maven repository for static (no SNAPSHOTs) Hadoop 3.X builds
  • pulse-config
    Annotation-based java configuration library
  • spring-event-router
    Java library for routing spring framework events to handlers by using Annotations
  • intellij-idea-generate-chained-accessors
    IntelliJ Idea chained accessor generation plugin
  • portlet-archetype
    JSR168/286 portlet development maven archetype

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